Friday, June 29, 2007

Ebay? Etsy instead. " Your place to buy & sell all things handmade." I've bought a couple of things in the past -- couldn't have been happier -- and have drooled over my monitor for many others. Next time you are looking for a gift, think of Etsy where you can find a gift that not only will you love giving, but you will love buying because it supports independent artisans.

This pair of mooncake soaps were a gift for my mother, bought from Etsy seller MidohanaGoods.


Rima said...

I could almost smell their perfume! Gorgeous work, it would be a shame to use them almost. Excellent picture too.
Excellent (need a thesaurus here) point about supporting independent artists and artisans - a dream for Neda, Zan and me.
Hey, Debi, I find myself checking your blog obsessively several times a day, even if I only have a minute do it and really shouldn't. And I'm always rewarded :-)

Debi Cates said...

Hi Rima. I can't take credit for the picture -- that's the seller's own photo. Trust me, though, it was just as lovely in person. (I need a thesaurus, too. "Lovely" seems to be my word of late.)

I have also drooled on the monitor while looking at Maraya Galleries. My current favorites are Neda's "Encircled" and Fawzan's "Black Cows." Now why didn't I think of those when everyone was asking me what I wanted for my birthday. Note to self for next year!

Argh. I know what you mean about obsessing about blogs. They are taking over my life. I go online "in between" every chore. Ever tried Google Reader? It won't cure your obsession, but at least its a quick way to know when a new post has been added to your favorite blogs.

Thank you for enjoying my posts and regularly leaving comments. (Another obsession....Are there any new comments, huh, huh?)

Bobbie said...

And, I love the soaps. They smell every bit as good as they look. And due to my "Asian Studies" they are especially pleasing. Thank you again, Debi.