Monday, June 29, 2009

A dilemma solved: Monday's Mail

A dilemma has bothered me for some time. How best for a blogger to answer comments? In the past, I would go back to each comment section and answer. But unless the commenter went back there him or herself also, they wouldn't see the reply. (In Blogger, you can subscribe to be notified by email for a set of comments, but I never remember to take time to do that. Do you?)

I've got an idea that I hope will solve this problem to mutual satisfaction.

Welcome to my first installment of Monday's Mail, with links back to your blogs ;)
@ Green Stone Woman: I can understand why that collage is discombobulating. I hoped it would give the sensation of driving at night, with all the shapes and reflections flashing by you, but not seen long enough to put straight in your mind. All elements in the collage, though, were from my photographs, so in that sense they were "real."

@ Green Stone Woman: Thank you so much for the compliment on this piece. It's one of my favorites, too. Now that I have your mailing address, you never know what might show up there one day ;)

@ Bobbie: I know what you mean about the face looking familiar. But, no, it's not me (as I've done in the past with digitally altered photographs). I did use the standard "Sacred Heart of Jesus" painting as a source. Was it Grandma Cates that had one like this hanging in her home for a long time?

@ everyone: Thank you for your comments. Turns out I did have damage after all. Must call the insurance agency tomorrow. Hail holes in the siding on the south end of the house. Ugh. @ Jomamma: Girl, you know how to make me laugh! @ John: a margarita?! Only you would see that -- and it's so dead-on.

@ Green Stone Woman: If you didn't comment on this one, I'd think I was really too strange even for words. @ Nelda: is this one you were thinking of when you said I did weird things? I hope so. I meant for it to be weird.

@ Green Stone Woman: "Admonishing the Butterflies" -- I like that! Maybe that should be its new title.

@ everyone: Thank you for your comments. @ Frances: Thank you for asking about Casey. He is recuperated. So much so that he only has time for work and the occasional doctor's appointment, few if any pictures :( @ Mr. K: I always appreciate your fellow-photog comments. Like your own photos, they inspire me.

@ Green Stone Woman: I'll remember Ireland, in case I ever win the lottery. @ Bobbie: Visit me? Heck, the East wing can be yours! @ GodinLA: Take me there. Please.

@ GodinLA: Correction, that was taken in Enochs, Texas. I think you would enjoy this post about some other photos I took there at that same time, it was before you found my blog, I believe. Seemed to provoke a lot of strong feelings in my viewer base back then.

@ TownsendTales: Hello! Don't believe we've met. Thank you for dropping by from South Carolina, and for the comment. I'll have to say hello over at your place soon. @ Mr. K: I do know of wabi-sabi and have a great affinity for its philosophy. Seems to fit in my imperfect life perfectly. @ PhyicEveryday: Thank you for the comment, also a gift.

@ Green Stone Woman: Good point: other than the butterfly weed, do people plant these in their gardens? Heck, I would like them in my (wabi-sabi) garden. Must keep an eye out for its seeds over the coming months. @ Frances: You are right about the pair of photos giving a better idea. I'll keep that in mind and try to do that more often. @ GodinLA: LOL. Yep, probably. I was never a Bush, I can tell you that. @ Bobbie: I enjoy digging into the natural history of plants, too. Wonder where I got that trait from, Mom? @ PhyicEveryday: I have seen a gathering of Monarchs just once, near here. It is amazing. And like you say, makes the humble milkweed the starting point of it all.

@ Green Stone Woman: Or a stinking photographer? @ Jomamma: Summer break! Yeehaw! Loraine isn't too far from here. Your brother's place? @ Bobbie: Good point. If I knew my flowering plant families better, I'd have an easier place to start. @ PhyicEveryday: I've noticed the stunning flowers on your site. Photog Sister Karas is awesome! Goes nicely with your work, too.

@ Maya: Isn't it funny now to find out you were driving by a forest but didn't know it? I still lament not being well enough to meet you and Janet. I would have enjoyed that immensely. By the way, you have an awesome blog with awesome photos. I visit but only lurk. I need to say hello occasionally. @ Green Stone Woman: LOL. Wonder if "shinnery" will show up in Six Sentences one day? @ Jomamma: LOL. Yep. Especially at noon. @ Bobbie: You aren't going to believe this, but I remember the day you taught me about the little oak forest. I was amazed. And continue to be, actually. @ Frances: I can just see you, throwing your Euell Gibbons' book to the ground! I think you have to leach them like three times before all the bitter tannins are out. Yep. Three times.

That's it for this first installment of Monday's Mail. Thank you everyone for saying hello and sharing with me. I've enjoyed them all.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where have all the yuccas gone?

Yucca at sunset, May 18, 2009
Master Gardener's Demonstration Garden
Time Machine, 42nd Street, Odessa, Texas

One day I will have enough time during the brief life of yucca blooms to photograph them to my heart's content. I can't believe it is almost July already.