Tuesday, June 23, 2009

End of Cheating

What you'll find at the end of Drivers Hall of Fame Road
(Not exactly what I expected)
West Odessa, Texas

You may notice that this month's calendar, previously weakly populated, has suddenly gotten full.

I have spent the last three weeks working steadily and increasingly exclusively on a data conversion for my job. To say it has consumed me would be right. It was ravenous data bits eating my life away. And not the "good kind" of data bits, like those in digital photos.

Today at 4pm I submitted the project, and then promptly took a nice nap.

After waking and coming here to post a long-over due photo (taken yesterday when I simply had to escape the screen and see if the world still existed), I decided I did not like the empty calendar. Not at all. So, I went back and posted "cheating" entries of some of my old collages and stuff. (What else is there to be done with them?)



The Green Stone Woman said...

Your cheatin' heart...

townsendtales said...

This is my favorite kind of picture! Fantastic! Love it. Even if you cheated!

-K- said...

Very nicely done. I love the cracked and crumbling textures of the wall and the colors of the wall as well. Of course, that's always my preference in terms of subject matter. (You might know already about the Japanese philosophy of "wabi sabi.")

Anonymous said...

No cheating apology required. every photo you share is a gift. Thank you!