Monday, June 25, 2007

Kitten's own paints and paper

Artist at work

Star Bright was quite sick today so I watched Kitten for the day while she rested. We had a lovely time. The highlight of the day was a trip to Hobby Lobby to get her very own paint set and her very own artist pad to paint on.

She said lots of things to me that I thought were cute today:
  • She's in a very curious stage right now. She wanted to know the name of the butterflies that are all over my passionflower vine. I told her Gulf Fritillaries. And believe it or not, she was satisfied with that answer.
  • When I asked her how many dog treats did she give Dixie (I usually give her only two), she said, "Seven. Four. Nine. Seven." And then a pause, "Probably five."
  • When I was shopping, and almost dropped something, she asked me very kindly, "Need some help, Granny?" Another lady nearby smiled and remarked what a sweet girl she was.


Audrey said...

Awww. She IS a sweet girl. At least to her dear Auntie, she can do no wrong.

Bobbie said...

And to her dear GG too, Audrey! Her colors remind me of the colors her mom would choose at that age. Don't you agree?

Rima said...

She looks adorable - I love doing that with my girls too (and their friends). How did the "masterpiece" turn out? Was it fridge-worthy? Aren't all of them?

Frances said...

Keep all her works - believe me - I wish I had taken my stepmother's advice about my daughter's pictures and dated them all.
Bless her - she is just adorable.