Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What can you Gocco on?

Click image for a larger view

This evening I wondered what kinds of paper would Gocco work on. I took out my experimental master screen from the fridge and gave it a whirl on these things I found around my office/craft room.

Top row, left to right:
  • Transparency sheet
  • An acrylic I painted and had finished with quite a few Minwax polycrylic coats
  • The front of a Diet Coke cardboard
  • The back of Diet Coke cardboard
  • Rice paper
Bottom row, left to right:
  • A magazine page
  • Shrinky Dink (unshrunk as of yet)
  • A page from an old Gregg Shorthand book
  • (Below it) a plain white letter-sized envelope
  • A piece of marbelized paper I did a long, long time ago
  • The frontispiece of a book.
I also wanted to try a photograph, but couldn't find a "scrap" one to print on. I'm sure, however that it would work because everything I tried, but one, turned out perfectly! The only one that didn't turn out is the frontispiece of the book. Three-dimensional things are tricky to fit in the press.

The mind does race with possibilities for implementing prints into collages, stationery, and other fun things.


Bobbie said...


Frances said...

The possibilities for whacky pictures with this thing! I love the idea of prints on magazine shots - surreal seeing those birds hanging over the furniture.
Keep going girl - it's so exciting

Frances said...

BTW what is Shrinky Dink and Minwax?
Shrinky Dink is such a great name. I can think of a few people I might use it as a nickname for
LOL ;-)
- I do understand that old saying - a people divided by a common language - I guess they are brand names of things you get in the States - we probably have the same stuff here but with different names.

Rima said...

Here's an idea: Thick vellum, coloured or not - you can also paint on it! The printed vellum would look beautiful layered on top of pretty paper as well as on its own.

Ditto, Frances - even though we're on the same continent, I don't have a clue what a Shrinky Dink is. I almost wrote a very naughty retort to that nickname quip, but I self-censored just in time. :-)

Neda said...

Can I come and play pleaaaaase?

Frances said...

Ooh Rima
I do wonder what you could have been thinking of.;-))
I agree, Neda, it would be lovely to visit and play with Debi I liked the idea of the dirt balls for that - it's a bit far for me to pop round on the off-chance.

Debi Cates said...

Thank you for all the sweet comments (and some lewd ones as well).

I wish we all could get together for a play date! Man, that would be fun.

Debi Cates said...

P.S. I liked your idea of the vellum paper, Rima. If had some on hand I would give it a try. With all this stuff I've got here, you'd think I'd have at least one sheet of that.