Sunday, July 01, 2007

Notrees, Texas, Pop. 338

West Texas town of Notrees, Texas June 30, 2007

My friend Donna, her granddaughter Leah, and I took a Photo Safari (love that term, Windy) on Saturday to several off-the-beaten-track places around here. Like Notrees, Blue Mountain, Frankel City, and Shafter Lake. (Hint: the only honest name here is Notrees.) I'll post more tomorrow. For now here is Notrees, where truly there are few trees, and all those grow in town, none in the surrounding country.
  • Um. Yeah. No trees.
  • One of about four or five buildings in the town, the Post Office.
  • The interior of the Post Office. In this photo you can see pretty much all of it. Likely it serves more than just the town residents, but other outlying Ector county residents, too.
  • I'm guessing the Notrees Volunteer Fire Department doesn't have many calls. For a long time now.
  • This particular resident has the right idea. They had created a beautiful wonderland of desert plants. Would have loved a tour, but didn't see a single soul around the whole town.
  • An agave. I love looking at it, just wouldn't want to accidentally bump into it!


Bobbie said...

You know in the 8 years I lived in Odessa I don't believe I ever went there. I love the xeriscaped yard.f

Frances said...

Unbelievable place - it could be called Nofolk. and is the other place full of furry frogs? heh heh heh:-)) I'm sure that has been said so so many times - so I like it.

Rima said...

Texas has the most amazing small towns, with the nicest names - like Heaven, Buda and Paris. Also Nada I think, not sure.
We used to go on photo safaris and very lovely drives in the hill country, then buy peaches from the roadside - still remember that fragrance...