Friday, July 27, 2007

A song for Frances

A song for Frances

These aren't just any wind chimes, they are tuned ones so are especially melodious. In West Texas there is almost always a breeze, so they sing pretty much of the time, a kind of symphonie inachevée*.

I don't know much about music technically, but these are tuned to the notes EGABDE, E minor 7/11. (I have no idea what that last part means.)

In case you are interested in how they sound and want to daydream for a minute of sitting on my shady porch with me, watching the butterflies, the manufacturer Grace Note Chimes has provided an mp3 you can listen to here.

*symphonie inachevée, Unfinished symphony. Neda used that expression in an email to me just this morning. I looked it up and loved it. Was glad it was so easily worked into this morning's post.


Rima said...

My girls came running to see what was making this beautiful sound on my computer - and now they want one. So lovely, and calming. Very nice. Sigh....

Hannah's Mom said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Guess what Hannah and I have been doing this week... looking around at wind chimes and this weekend we were going to post to have everyone share if they one. lol spooky, another parallel life moment. ;) We actually are making a tin man wind chime out of our used tin cans. When we get him all done we will post a photo or two.
I can not stop laughing... to another Soul Sista moment. :)

Frances said...

I love that music. the music of freedom and space.
Looks so fitting on your porch.

Frances said...

I love that tuned sound. so peaceful - I keep listening to it. Great daydreaming sounds. Wish we could all be sitting round on your porch having a laugh and playing.

Bobbie said...

For a minute I thought it was a Top/Tail entry...It would have been perfect. I am still dragging my feet on that one, but I will get there!

Joy Logan said...

WOW lovely sound,I love windchimes and have a few myself. Cates is my maiden name isn't that funny. Online I also befriended a Julia Cates who I have since met and love her art. She bought a piece of mine in a show. So hi there.