Tuesday, July 03, 2007

West Texas mountains, lakes, and cities

West Texans, if nothing, have a sense of humor in their inflated nomenclature.
  • Blue Mountain. The highest point for miles and miles (and miles) around. Look closely, behind the historical marker. (Special thought of Windy, here, who has real mountains in her desert.)
  • Pioneer Cafe. I have no idea if they really do have sandwiches and cold drinks as their sign announces because they were closed as we drove by in our "covered wagons." We drank more of our hot, bottled water instead.
  • Never could find Frankel City, though we did look hard. We knew it was a ghost town but, sheesh, we did expect to see something. All we saw were these titillating metal signs, from 20 to 30.
  • Shafter Lake. Actually this is truthful and to the water-deprived, beautiful. It is a lake, but without fish, seashells, seaweed, reeds, or any other living thing in it. We tried walking to the shore's edge, but our feet began sinking deeply in the sand so we thought better of it.
  • A lovely scissor-tail flycatcher surveying his domain. Another rare accurately-named West Texas denizen. I tried, but it was impossible to get a mid-air shot so you could see his tail scissored. (Assignment idea for you, Donna!)
  • Desert life makes the smallest things catch your eye. I have never before seen this wildflower -- looks like a kind of crocus that should be growing Audrey's way, announcing the end of winter or something. I can't find its name in my flower book. I dub it "Unmelting Butter Beauty" for now.
And to conclude this virtual tour, here's one last shot of our Saturday primary destination, Shafter Lake, looking picturesque:


Rima said...

I just love the way you see things, Debi. The lake image is stunning in its minimalist beauty. What a talent you have for this - thank you so much for sharing this world's beauty with us.
Love the scissortail bird! I must confess I've never, ever seen one up close - so beautiful!

Hannah's Mom said...

I love it!! Very Similar... I love the stick fence at the lake.
Love it, Love it and thank you for sharing your corner of the world.

I will have to share these with Hannah when she wakes up... WAKE UP!!! Nope, didn't work. hehe

Hannah's Mom said...

Hi! I have another question... :) How do you get the photos next to each other like you do? I have a few more photos and I wanted to give it a try.

Bobbie said...

I really like the Pioneer Cafe shot and Shaffer Lake, where in the dickens is it. Also, ditto Wendy's question...how do you do it?

Debi Cates said...

Where is Shafter Lake? It's 25 miles beyond Frankel City. Where's Frankel City? It's 30 miles beyond Notrees. Where's Notrees? It's 20 miles from here.

And nothing in between any of those points of interest.

Good point, though, Mom. Next time I go out to these little places I like to go, I'll figure out how to include a map in the post.

Wish you were here, as the saying goes.

Audrey said...

I love the old building with the brand new Newspaper vending machine right in front. It tickles me. Something about how information... I don't know, it's right in my head, but it's too early in the morning for my mouth to make sense of it. Love it.

Neda said...

I feel like I am packed in your handbag, visiting Texas with you. I especially like the barbed wire photo (angle,etc) but also somehow it struck me as a philosophical statement about freedom...wonder why..

Frances said...

I missed this
Wow - the sand - wow - love that colour and texture
You are one great photographer.