Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Dixie jumping into the shot

This isn't a fresh PAD, but I thought Audrey and Windy might enjoy this picture taken last April, that I had previously posted on my other (defunct) blog.

My vet told me Dixie is a mix of White German Shepherd and perhaps Lab. Me, I call her breed Escaped Circus Dog. Sometimes I'll introduce her as full-sized Chihuahua.

I got her in April, I believe it was 2002. I had just had my lawnmower stolen and was looking for a dog to protect the place. About that time someone had left a stray at my boss's home in Midland and he didn't want a dog. He was about to take it to the pound, which would mean almost certain death for her. So at lunchtime, I went over to his place to take a look.

She was sweet and friendly, not quite the ferocious beast I had envisioned, and I knew at that one look she would be going home with me. I also knew upon seeing her that she would be "Dixie," named after one of my dad's dogs. I was hoping my Dixie would be as well-trained as his Dixie was.

Well, Dixie is a lot of things -- a lot of good, funny, lovable things -- but well-trained she is not. Nor is she a digger, a whiner, a wanderer, a car-chaser, or ferocious. She is wonderful with Katlynn, although in their playing they've made each other cry a time or two.

Here's something funny I watched her do recently. I fed her some leftover fast food, chicken strips. I set down for her the box with chicken, toast, salad and some fries left in it. She immediately sniffed out one chicken strip out and brought it to the yard and dropped it there. Then she went back to the box and chowed down, polishing off all, including the salad. She licked the box clean.

And when not a morsel was left, she went back to the yard to eat the saved chicken strip. She planned it that way. To save the best part for last.


Hannah's Mom said...

Very cute!! Our Dixie is a rescued from the pound dog too. My friend brought to us after going to the grocery store and falling in love with and knew I would not say no after looking at her. She was right and she is the best dog ever. I will snap some photos of her and post them later today. :)

Spooky... :) Dixie ~ Dixie ~ Rocking Chairs on the porch ~ Although I do not have the flower bed yet. :)

Have the most wonderful of days!
Sista Soul,

PS. What color is your car?

Bobbie said...

Awe...what a great dog she is and what a cute story about the chicken box. I love this post!

Audrey said...

YAY! I love these photos. =) Can you send me large ones?