Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October Still Life

Ready for October

Weatherman says it will reach the 90s the next few days. I wonder when Fall, my favorite time of year, will begin?


Rima said...

Well, fall has started in this part of the continent. Although temperatures can still reach the 80s most days, and we're walking around with tees and sandals, it can also get nippy in the morning when we walk to school.

The leaves have also started turning, and it's time to go pick some apples from the orchards, and look for the Great Pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.

We'll be thinking of y'all roasting in the Texas sun!

Frances said...

Autumn (Fall) is here, I think - though it isn't too cold, the leaves are turning and we have picked our apples. No pumpkins on our plants - so maybe we won't be lucky this year. They are all babies.

Bobbie said...

Beautiful still life, Debi. It shows your love of fall. Our leaves are starting to fall, but so far no color. Soon they will be knee deep on the deck.

Beverley said...

This is a beautiful still life, and a very good idea using pumpkins. I wasn't entirely sure they were pumpkins at first as I have never seen pumpkins this large or with the indentations. It must be the way you grow them in Texas! I like the way the vase complements the pumpkins with the shape and colour.

Neda said...

Rima and Frances, put a lid on it! We're frying here!!

Debi, this is a gorgeous composition..Classic and yet it has that Debiesque touch. Love the lighting too.