Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jorge # 2

Jorge, acrylics on vintage encyclopedia page, 5"X 8", 2007

This is the second portrait of three that I painted of Jorge one recent, relaxing evening. He has a face (to me) that is infinite in its variety of expression. I'm not daring to compare myself to great artists, but I do understand, say Andrew Wyeth's fascination with one face over a lifetime of painting.

The challenge to me in this particular portrait was working with negative space, so to speak, by working around the black in the interior. This portrait doesn't favor Jorge much, but it does capture something of him that is not necessarily about a precise likeness.

Jorge? you say. Yes, Jorge. Love prevails.

7:22 a.m. ADDENDUM
Have you heard David's new song -- well, I think it's new. I just discovered it by checking his myspace this morning. I'm crazy about it! And who is that singing back up? You, Audrey? It's got an extra special treat for me because I get chills when I hear men sing falsetto. David, I love your music more and more and more...and your lyrics are, ahem, stellar.
"I'm Still a Planet"
Don't you take the light away from me
My eyes cannot adjust like yours so goddamned quickly
It seems for once the constellations didn't align for me
Cool it with a side of redundancy
You're not the only person to have ever loved me
Someday all your hate will come to pull you under me
It's best if you forget me,
'cause I'm sorry's don't do anything for me.


Rima said...

Love to see your paintings. I'm always afraid to start from a dark background, so kudos on achieving this moody piece. As for love prevailing, I wish I believed that too. My favourite saying though is this: "Le coeur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connait point" - meaning that our hearts and minds don't always get along, or something to this effect. But don't mind me, I'm an old cynical fart.

Frances said...

Interesting use of darkness and colour. It reminds me of something I've seen somewhere, but I can't remember whose work it was.
As for love, my philosophy is - as long as you're happy, honey.

Bev said...

You are one talented artist. You seemed to have captured his charisma!

nelda said...

Great portrait! I knew that was Jorge before seeing his name, so there is definitely a likeness there. Our hearts do work independently of our minds, don't they! I love you and I love all the talents you have!

Debi said...

Rima, I didn't know it was hard to start with dark. I guess I had a little beginner's luck then.

Frances, thanks. I have the same philosophy (obviously).

Bev, he does have charm and charisma. Funny that you should pick that up from this portrait.

Nelda, well that's a high compliment as you have seen him in person. I love you too and thank you for always sharing an encouraging word.

Bobbie said...

Rembrandt used dark backgrounds like you to bring forth wonderful light. While it is not an exact replica of Jorge, it does capture his essence.

p.s. can you guess that my internet has been down again?

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I struggle soooo much with painting people! I love the way you captured your Jorge.

Thankyou for your comments in my blog:) It is great to hear your thoughts! I can't imagine having to buy Bunny Tails though!lol

Neda said...

You have a great painting stroke! Very forceful and dramatic. Bravo!!Keep on painting. Another hidden talent!