Friday, November 30, 2007

Kitten's Baby Sister (or Brother)

"In Mama's Belly" acrylics, by Kitten age 3

This recent piece by my granddaughter is one of my favorites. It's interpretive, bold, and quirky. The things I like.

Look at that -- it's the last day of November and November's calendar days were all filled. Woo hoo! Now for the month of December I've got an idea. I'm going to try something new, something I'm calling "This or That." I'll explain everything tomorrow. :)


Bobbie said...

I thought that you had decided to do a bit of modern art, never imagining when I paged down that I would learn that little Katlynn did this artwork. I love this peek into Katlynn's little world.

Hannah's Mom said...

Absolutely super dooper Katlynn!! I love the colors you used and what an interpretation, beautiful.

Katlynn is such a blessed little girl to have a Grandma share her talent... :)

Bev said...

She seems very excited about the coming arrival, judging by the vibrant colours, and I seem to remember reading somewhere that orange is the 'colour of life'.

It was a very nice idea doing this, so she will know what is going to happen and it won't be too much of a surprise for her!

Anonymous said...

a multicoloured blob with a humongous smile! looks exactly like my idea of a happy baby! Cute Katlynn, she's going to be a good big sister - love to all!

Rima said...

why did this thing sign me in as Anne O. Nymous? that was me in the previous comment

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I love it!! Kids art is always so sweet and innocent. Actually maybe not always sweet- my youngest went through a stage of drawing nudes with really gernours mammories- that took some explaining! Anyway this is lovely and absolutely priceless!
CONGRATS on the full calender! Looking forward to 'this and that!'

Sweet Irene said...

Katlynn is a true artist. How beautiful that is. You could hang this in an art gallery and sell it neatly framed. I would hang it on my wall.

Debi said...

Mom, she's got it in her genes!

Windy, hey girl good to see you here. I feel blessed to have Katlynn share her talent and point of view with me :)

Bev, so far she's excited. Wait until it turns out to be a crummy little brother that cries all the time and takes her place. We'll see then! I should know as a big sister of two little crummy brothers. I take that back. (Before they tell on me.)

Rima, I loved the colors and the blobby (new word) expression, too.

Lisa, LOL. The nudes would be fun to see on your blog.

Irene, I was indeed proud of it. I had to take it off the front-and-center of my fridge to scan it for the blog. It's back on the fridge so I see it and smile often.

Neda said...

Talent runs in the family. I am so happy for the good news! What a wonderful family you have...And sorry fornot writing earlier :)