Thursday, November 01, 2007

Red against blue

Like small red morning glories

Isn't that red against the blue sky beautiful? I'm hoping someone (Mom?) might know what these are. They look like smaller, red morning glories, and without the heart-shaped leaves. These leaves reminded me of hands and fingers. This vine is growing along a fence and early one morning I plucked a few seed pods.

UPDATE: Mom's preliminary identification led me to find its common name, Cypress Vine. I've heard of it before, and have it is a good plant for around here. Yay Mom! (She's always a wonderful resource.) Ipomoea quamoclit


Heavenly Body said...

Never seen any of these before. They are set off beautifully by the clear blue sky. They make a fitting contrast to the (probably necessary) fence. This pic looks quite symbolic, and could be used in some sort of political protest movement poster or something(getting serious for a moment).

Bobbie said...

Wish I knew what these are 'cause they are drop-dead gorgeous! My favorite color too! At first I thought cypress vine, but no. Is this it?
If so I think you have a treasure :)

Great photo!

Neda said...

Sorry for playing catch up here...I love the contrast, it's like red blood drops against the sky. You always amaze me, Debi