Monday, November 12, 2007

Warts and all

Miniature pumpkin

This is one of the results of my playing with a little with a homemade macro light box that Donna and I made together one day. All it takes is a cardboard box, a few sheets of tracing paper, and some freezer paper or other item you'd like for a background. You'll also need some tape and an sharp knife. I used the macro setting on my camera while on a tripod and went to town putting various things in the box and taking their portrait. My intention is to use this box for eBay pictures. So far, though, I've merely had fun with it.

I got the instructions over at the fabulous photography site, Strobist.


Frances said...

love that - it gives such subtle light and shadow

Bev said...

All things are beautiful in the light. Reminds me of the face of a woman who has lived a little. Like the way it shows up the pumpkin stalks. When we buy pumpkins we generally never get to see the stalks as they have already been removed!