Friday, December 21, 2007

Blue tin #1 or #2

"Blue tin #1"
West Odessa, Texas

"Blue tin #2"
West Odessa, Texas

Did you think I forgot about my favorite shade of blue? Never. It just dawned on me that I don't know what kind of tree this is and I would love to know -- lovely late colored leaves and pretty red bark. Mom? Anyone?

This will be a short post today. I'm behind in my comments here, behind in my comments to your blogs, and behind in tallying up the This or That votes and in writing the names for the hat.

Oh yes, I have some Cha-ching for Charity to tally up over at the 2 Things Challenge, too.

All this to do before the work day begins, so I better get with it. Which photo -- far or near -- do you prefer?


Bobbie said...

I LOVE #2. The pretty twigs and leaves against the blue tin, the light. All make a lovely photo.

I do wish I could identify this plant, but it is hard in winter when the leaves are gone and my only inclination would be a fruit tree, maybe pear.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i suspect that texas and northern california do not have the same flora so i am clueless. but i prefer #2, the contrast, the light the simplicity. then i am a macro girl, anyway.
~sue o'kieffe

nelda said...

#1 for me. Don't know why - they are both very pretty and appealing.

Frances said...

1 for the blue and 2 for the leaf. First picture as a whole, though. I love the colours.

Hannah's Mom said...

#2. :) I love it!!!

Bev said...

You seem to have a lot of blue tin near where you live! We mainly have wooden sheds. It's a sky-like colour, so makes a good background, even though metal and manmade. But makes for an interesting contrast against the leaves, and shows their organic complexity and colours to the best effect. No 2, because it is a great macro shot.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Yes I am sooo behind too! I don't seem to find time to respond to comments yet I love getting them so much! Anway...number 2. It's a lovely photo, very soft and floaty. It has a sense of quiet beauty and you captured emotion in the photo even though the actual subject has no emotions! Very nice Debi :)

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

One, I love the roof line and color - but I want to turn the pic on in side and crop it - I breaking the rules of blogging and of photography, no?

I apologize. Santa will bring me coal and I will paint with it and call it charcoal.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

I love these both!! DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE?? I agree with Frances, #1 for the blue and #2 for the leaf ...

so if I HAVE to make a decision ....
ok ok ... I have made up my mind #2!

~ Diane Clancy

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

I played with - sampled #1 - may I post it, if you do not like it I will delete - it is your image, even altered.

Andi said...

I'm a day late to vote, but I will anyway! #2 makes me happy.

Debi said...

Thank you all for voting.

Mom, I thought fruit tree, too, but saw no signs of fruit. I'll have to remember where it is and go back in the Spring.

Sue, I love macro, too. And recently have begun forcing myself to take two shots -- one macro and the other wider.

Nelda, Frances, Windy, thank you.

Bev, we have a lot of tin here, it's true. Not sure why that is. I'll have to find a building that has the striped effect where they use all different colors of tin (scrap, I think). It might be hideous, but I like it.

Lisa, isn't that funny? How a leaf can depict an emotion? The more photos I take, the more photos I see of others, the more amazed I am at the power of photography.

John, LOL. I can see that you would take a lump of coal and make the best of it. I commented on your blog, but I want to say again thank you for honoring my photo by making a collage of it. It was wonderful! And no, I'm not bias. ;)

Diane, thank you for your vote even though it could go either way, and Andi, it pleases me that photo makes you happy.

The votes are in, the names are in the hat, and the little leaves in Blue Tin #2 came out on top.

Fawzan Barrage said...

#2 for sure. #1 feels a little flat for me. #2 uses the strong contrasting colours (Blue and Orange). Good work!!!

D.C. Confidential said...

I really like #1 here, particularly the way the messy vertical against the linear vertical leads your eye to the wavy, corrugated horizontal. I like that play on the linear.