Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sweet and Star

2 Things Challenge for 2007-12-23

I decided to go with these because they were the least literal of the pictures I took for this week's challenge: Sweet birds sitting in a tree, and a micro universe of Star(s). In case you haven't joined in yet, please consider this your invitation. The last 2 Things Challenge of the year will be posted tomorrow, giving you a week to find or create your interpretation and post it to your blog by 12-30. Then we start anew in 2008!

And although this looks like This or That, you don't have to choose. Just relax. Imagine the sounds of the birds chirping, gaze into the grassy stars, and remember to breathe deeply.


Fawzan Barrage said...

Yay! I go first!!!!
I take the birds. I am not a big fan of back-lighting, but the silhouette of these birds with the branches looks great!

Andi said...

Sometimes it's so hard to pick just one! #2 narrowly wins for me.

Bobbie said...

This morning, after you enlightened me about Charley Harper, I "saw" what you see: Sweet gum balls silhouetted against the light at daybreak.

Love your sweet and star entries. Is that another $10 for charity?

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Flying visit...just after 11pm here. Havn't blogged my photo yet...
Anyway great entries, just looooooove that bird photo!! Looking forward to the next challenge :)

Frances said...

lovely Debi
Sweet and starry
must try and wrest my camera from my darling daughter to take some pics myself.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

I love both of these photos - they are a great entry to sweet and stars!! They are great!!

~ Diane Clancy

Bev said...

Love the mini flower universe. Star shapes and a black/blue galaxy. It's so good I want the opportunity of choosing, and I like this one the best! Like your new theme on the Two Things, which will work very well on the tidy-up after Christmas.

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

For me it is the birds.

These are house sparrows - a bird from Eurasia that has gathered near man since man was man (post mon.key). A pilgrim must have brought one - no two - over. There were more of them in America when we needed horses and our streets were lined with horse manure and oats.

House sparrows are seldom, if ever, seem in the wild in America. I have seen them in Yosemite National Park but only in the Valley in the midst of civilization.

The variety of birds in Texas are amazing. TX is birding paradise. Texas is beautiful and its beauty is subtle.

Read like Yo La Tengo. Birds of a feather, I say.

Debi said...

Thank you everyone for commenting, and even voting! I can understand the confusion between Two Things Challenge and This or That.

So, since you voted afterall, let's tally them...

Zan, I'm very flattered. I somehow made an image you liked while using a technique you don't particularly like, and that makes the vote all the sweeter.

Andi, awww. I like it when it's hard to chose.

Hi Mom. You see more than I see now. Although I love Sweetgum balls, we don't have any here -- unlike where you are. These were lowly Siberian Elm leaves. Still, I know what you mean. It was fun to see Harper in that picture. (The Two Thing Cha-Ching for Charity was for the Hold / Value only. Else, I would be broke!)

Lisa, thank you for the fly-by. I know with three young ones at home this is an especially busy time of year -- and especially joyful.

Frances, LOL. I hope you do get the camera back at some point, and I look forward to your blog entries then when you do.

Bev, I see a theme here: Heavenly Body likes orbs and universes. :)

Thanks Diane. I always enjoy your entries for the challenge as well.

John, now who wouldn't like a vote that references Yo La Tengo?! And contrary to the text of my subsequent post, you are right about Texas. It is beautiful. Maybe not right here where I am, but in case no one has heard this before...Texas is a BIG place. ha

Interesting demographics on this vote. Men went for the birds, women went for the flowers. And since my blog has more women visitors than men, the flowers have it. (And you can extrapolate from that, dear men, that flowers do mean something special to women. Wink Wink.)

D.C. Confidential said...

I like both of these for very different reasons. The silhouetting and grouping in #1 lends an immediacy to the birds that is intimate. The color in #2 combined with the ragged quality of the flowers makes me wish this was a blanket I could wrap myself in. I know blue isn't often thought of as a warm color, but combined with the softer, fluffier white, it acquires some warmth.

Oh, I'll just shut up now and say, I like both. (And I think I just threw a wrench in your balanced demographic... Sorry.)