Friday, December 07, 2007

Yellow -or- Red

"Soapberry berries"
West Odessa
Odessa, Texas

"Yaupon holly berries"
West Odessa
Odessa, Texas

That's right. Yellow and Red today. Not blue. And nothing sad or melancholy either (I'm talkin' to you, Nelda). Nothing but joyful explosions of abundance as a way of saying "Yippee! It's Friday, y'all" and one full week of This or That. Besides, if you only knew how many photos I have of both the soapberries and the yaupon hollies -- time to put them up and maybe get it out of my system. Maybe.

Which photo do you prefer?

I want to share some exceptionally good news. My friend Donna has her first photo that will be displayed in an International exhibition. I couldn't be prouder. Besides, it's the one I suggested she should enter. :) We'll be going for the opening tonight!


Rima said...

I never thought I would pick another colour over red - red being my absolute favourite colour since forever - but here I am: Yellow is my choice. Maybe because it is so exhuberant (sp.?) and bursting with energy and life. I love both though.

nelda said...

I'm going for the red! This one was a tough one, but the red berries are full and alive - the yellow ones are shriveled and dead - or dying; even so, they make a pretty picture. Also, the red, with green leaves, looks very Christmas-y!

Bev said...

What plentitude and abundance! I will have to go for the red, but only because I like the colour red best. My dining room is painted red, as are most of my favourite jumpers. So not an objective choice this time.

Bev said...

Your camera seems really to have captured these vivid colours, and you've got the sunshine. An ideal combination.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

When I saw the title I thought I would go RED but alas I am going for YELLOW.
I am loving these soap berries and when I have time I am going to Google them. They are look like little balls of summer. Ha! Just realised it's not summer in TX lol. Well I still think the look summery. Also yellow and blue are very bold colours together, I think the sky could have easily dominated your berries but you have a good balance in your photo. Nicely focused too. The red berries are very Christmas-sy and I am excited to see REAL holly berries but I am going YELLOW on this one. Have a good day :)

Kris Cahill said...

I pick yellow, and not just for the color, though I do love red.

I like the soap berries for the movement in the photo, and I really like how the branches add to the design. Plus the yellow is vibrant and brilliant.

Frances said...

Yay Donna
- she rocks and not just because she is one darn good friend to you, Debbie.

Frances said...

Yellow because I prefer the sharper focus in it. The red is a beautiful colour but with my eyesight, the yellow berries are clear and washed in light, golden and translucent, whereas the main focus of the red berries seems less clear. So not emotion but clarity of focus in this case.

Hannah's Mom said...

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow... I love the red too though. LOL :)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

Congrats on your friend, Donna!! How wonderful!! Have lots of fun.

I am going for the Soapberry Berries.

~ Diane Clancy

Sweet Irene said...

Yellow and red are both favorite colors of mine, but I will go for the red, as it seems to me to be the better picture. I love the way the berries seem to leap to the foreground. They look sumptuous enough to eat, but they are probably poisonous to human beings, aren't they?

Neda said...

This time, I pick Red because it looks great with the shade of blue as a background (a very beautiful shade too). It also reminds me of the intricate earrings I love to wear.. Yay for Red!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Debi, there has been something missing from my day! Your photo! I hope you are well :)and there's no major reason for the missing photo!
Will check back tomorrow :)

Bobbie said...

Well, drat! I KNOW I left a comment here. You know I love red, the brighter the better as it is my very favorite color...but the yellow wins. It is just a knockout photo...

Fawzan Barrage said...

I pick "Soapberry berries" because the shot is fully in focus. The red one is out of focus on the close end and that is a bit jarring.

D.C. Confidential said...

I think I like the soapberries best. No wait. Yauponberries. No. Soapberries. Oh shoot! I like 'em both. They're so vibrant and striking!

Debi said...

Hello Everyone and thank you for voting on the one week anniversary of This or That.

Rima, I had a suspicion you were a red kind of girl. But had to go for yellow this time, eh? Exuberant is the clincher. Like you, my dear.

Nelda, I'm glad I gave you a tough choice this time! That was my goal...stump Nelda! But, I protest. The soapberries may be shriveled, but they will out last the yaupons by a long time. All the way until next spring as a matter of fact, while the yaupons will be long gone.

Bev, another Red Lady who loves the boldness of that color. I'm not surprised. Sunshine we've got here, all but a couple of dozen days of the year. It does help immensely with photography.

Lisa, Mom (Bobbie) sent me a link about the soapberries that got me all atitter. (Is that a word? No? Well, YOU know what I mean.) Look a the bottom of this link and see what I mean.

Kris, thank you for voting again. It's nice to your vibrant colors here too. P.S. I tried to comment on your blog several times, but like you reported, I got an error sent to me via email that "Sender is not allowed" It wasn't from blogger it was from your domain likely,

Frances, I really didn't know the yellow berries were going to be such a big hit. It goes to show you that these comments do really surprise and delight me as you have commented about before.

Windy, it's so nice to have you here, weighing in. I am going to miss you when you are in Miss!

Same to you Diane, thank you for voting faithfully and you are going to be missed until you return.

Irene, I do believe they are poisonous, or at least not tasty to humans. Else, trust me, people here would have already made jelly or something out of them, considering we eat prickly pears!

Neda, I like the intricate composition in the red photo too myself. I still can't get enough of the designs I can see in it.

Mom, I'm sorry your comments get picked on. Mine do too when my connection is bad in the evenings. That's why I've gone to doing this in the morning mostly. Thank you for liking the red one best. I know how you like red.

Fawzan, I know what you mean about the focus. I had thought about that, but I had hoped it would translate as the berries almost poking you in the eye. LOL. I guess maybe that's just my justification for liking the red so much.

Lots of votes today! Yay! And thank you so much. The berry-pickin' winner is Yellow!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Yay! I figured it out! Thankyou for the link to the soapberries Debi and Bobbie. I KNEW they looked familiarish but couldn't work out what too..and as soon as I read Lychee I clicked- The Cape Gooseberry!

We used to have one growing in our garden when I was a kid and I liked the lovely silky lantern case thing! That you so beautifully photograph:) It really is a small world!