Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Changing #1 or #2

"Changing #1"
Cotton field in winter
Near Stanton, Texas

"Changing #2"
Cotton field in winter
Near Stanton, Texas

A few weekends ago my friend Nelda and I went to Big Spring to browse around the old town. On the way home, we stopped near Stanton to get a closer look at this newly erected wind turbine field. Nelda especially wanted a picture of her standing by one as proof of their enormous size. Can you see her?

I'm glad for these cleaner energy sources. Even though they are unimaginably huge and are yet again more man-made verticals disrupting the natural landscape. Still, they are a welcomed change away from the ecological disaster of oil, and are slightly prettier to boot. Funny how we are once again harnessing the nearly-constant West Texas wind, the wind that was a godsend in the pioneer days when its power was used by windmills to bring up potable water from the aquifers. Here we are in the 21st century using it to create electricity to feed our enjoyable, modern way of life. I'm not sure what the figures are for the installation of these in this area, but it apparently is a new and booming business based on the number we saw.

Today's Have Camera Will Shoot suggestion was provided by artist Diane Clancy who had a recent post titled "The Universe Wrote Me" that I found inspirational and timely.

P.S. For those of you that have been a bit worried about my absence from the online community, all is well. Baby Carson -- he has a name now :) -- is healthy and at home. Home, at last. And Granny Debi is coping with the various curve balls of life as best she can, vowing to post a photo a day as the title of this blog states so clearly.

Photo info --
Picture # 1 D'oh! I keep meaning to learn more about how to avoid barrel distortion on my camera. See how the horizon edges are curling up slightly at the sides?

Picture # 2 D'oh! I forgot to look at the grid on my camera view finder to make sure I was getting a level horizon line. I have the grid on always. I also use it to frequently to divide up the potential composition into the "Rule of Thirds".


nelda said...

Again, thanks for taking that picture of me standing by the wind turbine base. Like I said at the time, I was glad I wore that purple shirt! I posted one of my pictures last week - looks very much like your #2. Both pictures are meaningful to me, and I can't choose one over the other. I like the futuristic look of the turbines in the landscape, although I know some people do not.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

When I got here, blog.ville, there was Neda who showed me a community, a woman in glass who linked me and you, Debi, who had unparalled enthusiasm - a caring den mother -if you do not consider this demeaning (I do not).

I am an errant cub scout, smoking behind the schoolhouse and willing to trade an old Playboy stolen from my older brother for two cans of Bud...."ahh - those were the days my friend - we thought they'd never end."

Great to see your photos and your crisp regards and our best wishes to your family.

BTW, I am reformed.

The pics are solid - did you put that moon in? The shaddow across the field is very impressive and also hints at size of these machines that wind pass.

Those blades kill a lot of hawks....the downside to wind power.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

Glad to hear that Carson is home safely ... not surprising you have been busy!!

Glad my post inspired you!! Good to know that I am being read .. thank you!

I am going for #2 ... I think it is prettier .. with the sky and the windmill against the sky and the moon ...

It is neat to see Nelda too .. but sticking with #1.

~ Diane Clancy

Bobbie said...

I was so excited when I saw your post and not only because I've wondered and wondered what these turbines look like up close. Is there any sound?

I love picture #1 because it shows how enormous they are compared to Nelda :) and I really did not think they were that large. But.....
#2 gets my vote because it is so aesthetically pleasing. The moon the "star" shape of the windmill, the vastness of the shadow...I love it all.

Bev said...

These are a great idea and I had no idea they were so enormous. I am glad they are catching over there. They try to build them over here but nearby residents kick up a fuss because of what they look like, but they provide clean energy which is of paramount importance.

I like 1 best, because they show the scale of the things, with the tiny Nelda. Though it's a shame we can't see what she looks like as we're heard a lot about her!

Andi said...

I've missed you Debi!!! You've been in my thoughts a lot lately and I'm glad to hear your grandbaby is doing well.

I choose #2. We have wind farms in Southern Alberta, but I've never managed to get a decent snapshot of them. Your photos are awesome!

nelda said...

I'm back! Another comparison as to the huge-nish of the turbines is in picture #2 the two tiny white objects on the left of the turbine are pick-ups. If you enlarge the picture you can actually see what they are. You know, we commented as we passed one that the base of the turbine is actually wider than the vehicle beside it was long.

Sweet Irene said...

I suppose I will pick number one, because it shows the massiveness of it. I never realized how humongous those things are and I am trying to imagine a whole park of them in the future.

It's good to have you back after your long absence due to joyful circumstances.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Great to see you back Debi. Have missed your posts and comments!
Number one is my preference because it shows the absolute massiveness of it. I had no idea they were so big! Very impressive!
Pity bout the birds...though I am pleased to see a renewable power source being used!
Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Although #1 shows the size best, I like #2's composition.

Rima said...

i love wind turbines too - but only for their function. I find their hugeness frightening - implacable giants that they are. Because of this I choose no. 2, with the human perspective!

So glad to hear that Baby Carson is home and doing well - love to all!