Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eve: Bad Girl or Wonderfully Inquisitive?

"Eve: Bad Girl or Wonderfully Inquisitive?"

No reader of my blog these days will be surprised that for the 4th Digital Makeover by Rima at Marazine I would start with Adobe's Apply Image, Multiply, right? Right.

After that, applied some color enhancements and smudged. The smudging was crappy today -- feeling a little tired after our big adventure yesterday. But also yesterday I was given a wonderful gift: a pen tablet. Not yet hooked up, but when I do, watch out, World! Thank you Donna dear.



Bobbie said... bad girl you! And my favorite color too. I love the way this worked out with the thistle raying out from the apple. And the apple, what a luscious looking bad girl!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are beautifull but I dont remeber you taking these pictures?

Very gorgeous though.

[ are you on? ]

Sweet Irene said...

Debi, this is the best apple make over yet! You leave us all in the dust. Great job!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

It looks delicious!

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

They radiate fruit in Texas, don't they?

Very cool - in particular I like the treatment to ground the apple.

nelda said...

Beautiful!! "nuf sed".

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

This is utterly gorgeous!! I love what you have done!!

It gives it such a sense of something .. special and wild!!!

Great job!!

~ Diane Clancy

Andi said...

Gorgeous and decadent! It looks like the apple is wrapped in a feather boa.

Neda said...

HOT MAMMA!!! Very diva-esque!

Bev said...

Who could resist such an apple? A showgirl amongst apples.

Anonymous said...

That is really spectacular!!