Friday, January 18, 2008

Oilfield #1 or #2

"Oilfield #1"
Pumpjack, West Odessa, Texas

"Oilfield #2"
Pumpjack, West Odessa, Texas

What a week! I'm sorry to have worried anyone. All's well here, just lots and lots of work that I'm trying to catch up on.

I've not even had time to get out to take pictures. But I did make time yesterday to fulfill my mom's request of "Oilfield" -- easy enough to do, just a couple of miles from home. (Not inspiring, but easy.)

I am, however, getting out tomorrow by going on a photo safari to Big Spring with my dear friend Nelda. And then hope -- yet again -- to catch up with y'all on Sunday.


-K- said...

I'll be out shooting tomorrow myself. Hope you get lots of shots.

Bobbie said... turn, and what a great job you have done in representing my request. I knew it would be hard, since it is hard to find beauty in the oilfield, but you have done it again :) #2 steals my heart. The yellow pump jack powerfully pulling the oil from the ground, while the moon quietly looks on. Of course I like the other one too, the sun is spectacular! I've noticed before that you have paired the sun and the moon and I love it when you do.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

This looks like bush cheney love. Missed ya, Ms. Debi.

Bev said...

Just been watching 'Gunfight at OK Corral' and was looking closely at the surrounding scenery in the film now I have got a bit more insider knowledge of that sort of thing!

I've got to go for 1 as the sun is awesome. I think you have brought out some sort of stillness and almost dignity in these worthy pieces of machinery in your shots.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

I am glad you are getting out for a safari tomorrow!!

I love the sky on them both ... but I am going for #1 ... partly because it looks sort of romantic.

Have fun!

~ Diane Clancy

Hannah's Mom said...

Oh @#$%!!! I can not, no, I refuse to choose. :) Oh Debi, to have the gift of taking the mundane and turn into beauty, absolutely beautiful.

Andi said...

#1 for the light and the dark. It's very dramatic.

nelda said...

#1 is my pick just because I think it is prettier than the other one. See you tomorrow. I'm excited!

Sweet Irene said...

I pick number two, because number one is too obviously romantic, although it is good shot. Number two is more modernly artistic.

I am glad you are back, we have missed you and I am glad that all is well.

Sweet Irene said...

P.S. I still covet your camera. Is that a deadly sin?

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i was first moved by #1. it is romantic; but ultimately i choose #2 for that angular splash of yellow against the vast expanse of blue sky.
~sue o'kieffe

Kris Cahill said...

I like both of these, Debbie. But #1 has me the most, with its golden sky and warming sun, the silhouette of the well, the entire setting.

Both are beautiful. You do have a knack for finding beauty everywhere!