Monday, January 07, 2008

Strength # 1 or #2

"Strength #1"
2nd Street
Odessa, Texas

"Strength #2"
2nd Street
Odessa, Texas

Which photo gives you the sense of strength and scale?

I can't imagine what it must be like to have this job, working on cell towers. Besides the obvious danger, last Thursday when this was taken, it was also near freezing. Upon seeing something like this I snap out of my complacency to take a sincere minute to appreciate the contributions made by men and women working outdoors. For a mere paycheck, these workers brave the weather and daily dangers, providing services we've come to depend upon 24/7. I applaud and appreciate their many kinds of strength.

(To give you an idea of the immense scale, you can see in the photo on the left an electric pole. A pole that next to this tower looks downright puny.)

Today's post is dedicated to J.D., 1989-2008, who would have thought these shots were cool.

Photo info --
Aren't digital cameras amazing? Built right in to mine I have a 12X optical zoom. No clunky changing out of lenses like back in the old days. Standard post-production to make these images blog-ready (reduce and 50% sharpen).


Sue O'Kieffe said...

i choose #1. i choose it because of the cloud and the angle of the tower (which i guess must be the angle from which it was shot). for me, its also the more interesting of the shots. more contrast, more for the eye to take in. if you had just asked which image shows strenght, without your commentary, i would have picked #2. upright, bold, formidable.
commentary has an influence.
~sue o'kieffe

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

I always look at your images first, absorb them, then I read your text. Image Two is a "closer up" so get more of a sense of physical issues involved being up there. Image One has better sense of height and danger, but is less personable.

Two makes me feel for the climbers as "people," not machines. Tough cookies.

I hope they give them extra free minutes for their cell phones, battle pay of sorts.

Hannah's Mom said...

#1... The height makes it strength. Amazing!! Debi how much fun are you having?! Someday, you and me, photo safari!! :)

nelda said...

How cold that must have been on a metal pole up so high and totally unprotected from the elements! I do admire those people for what they do, and am thankful for them. Maybe we should all say a little prayer for their safety when we see them. (Not just the climbers, but for all men and women working out in the field.

Picture #1 is my pick, I love the clouds in the background. #2 adds the people involved because one has to look very closely to see there are actually people in #1.

Andi said...

My immediate choice was #2 because it's so imposing, but I've changed my mind. The angle, the light and the clouds in #1 give it a heavenly quality.

Kris Cahill said...

I pick #1. I like the sky, the clouds and light, and the depth in the piece. The height of the tower signifies strength to me.

I also look at the images before reading your text, and even after reading it today I still pick #1.

Even on a cold day, it must be something to climb that tower and look down at the earth far below.

Bev said...

I like 1 best. I think it gives you some of the sense of the scale and height of the thing, though 2 perhaps gives the impression of strenth, looking so sturdy as it does. The people who climb these things are strong in every sense of the word, and deserve this sort of recognition.

Martin Stickland said...

Wow, I looked at the pole on the right for a while and then spotted the men which gave me a good idea of the poles size!

The only poles with people clinging on to are the ones in clubs! (not really, my wife would kill me!)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

At first I thought #1 because I thought of brute strength. But then I realized that #1 is more beautiful to me and is a delicate strength ... like a willow that bends rather than the oak that breaks ... that is what is says to me.

I did tell you I wrote a tiny bit about you today, didn't I?

~ Diane Clancy

Sweet Irene said...

I think the scale is in number one and the strength is in number two, but I pick number one, because it makes me feel the smallest.

Neda said...

Number 1's angle is omnous and foreboding. That's my favorite. It gives us reason to ponder the incredible stregth and dedication of these workers.

Blessed be J.D.'s memory.

D.C. Confidential said...

I like both of these, but especially #2. I didn't notice the guys on the tower until I looked at the second picture. Even then, I have to lean toward that one because there's still a sense of scale and proportion that is stunning.