Saturday, February 02, 2008

Different Perspectives #1 or #2

"Perspective #1"
Big Spring, Texas

"Perspective #2"
Big Spring, Texas

In my photography, I had made it my unspoken rule not to arrange things. Like the stray silk rose in the second photo. That's where it was and I didn't touch it.

I don't know why I have this rule. And I'm ditching it from now on. If I think I'd like to stage something, I will. It's part of my own growing perspective. Of course, I certainly wouldn't be pleased if you looked at my photos and said to yourself, "Bah! What a crock!" Yet, even worse would be if you came here and felt nothing.

What good is a rule in art that insists on not trying something new? Yuck. That's a horrible rule.

Much of the innovation and breakthrough of Art throughout history is described as someone breaking the rules. We describe those that we admire most as having followed their own vision, which can be assumed to mean not following the footsteps —or rules— of others. We also frequently hear about great artists that strive to return to a state of child-like innocence: a place before rules.

What about you? Have you been rethinking any self-imposed rules?

Photo info --
I did the same on both photos. I resized for the blog, sharpened at 50%, desaturated, and then did an Auto Contrast. On photo # 2 I did Rubber Stamping on an area in the middle ground, a patch of weedy grass that was merely distracting.


Andi said...

I choose #1 because it's so imposing. I really like the shadow and the light.

Bev said...

I like 2 best. The statue to me has the look of Christ (though it may not be, though I can't envision many famous Americans similarly dressed), and the whole picture has an air of mystery. Why did the shadow cast itself precisely over the rose? I know Christ is described as a rose in the bible ('I am the Rose of Sharon' Song of Solomon) and the whole thing has a slightly miraculous feel to it.

You can tell I've had a few bevvies tonight lol

Rima said...

bah, what a crock! i feel nothing! heeeheee... did I give you a fright? you did leave the door wi-i-ide open for me to be silly as usual...

Did I say earlier that I won't be choosing anymore? Well, I meant I won't after this one here :-)

Actually, I do like both of them, but not equally this time. I like them as a diptych - but I prefer the majesty of the first one, and dislike the (albeit fortuitous) "staging" of the rose a little bit. Love the B&W, but that's no surprise, right?

Bobbie said...

My rule for making collages is don't steal pictures, take them only from copyright free sources or pay for them. This rule I won't break.

I like #1 best, the hand especially. I really like the viewpoint where you took the picture, it seems to add a lot of interest that way. Somehow I expect this statue to become alive and speak at any moment.

Keep shooting, you are doing really good work. p.s. I found the disk for your camera do you want it?

Sweet Irene said...

I like number one the best, because it is so imposing and biblical, although I am not a biblical person, but I can see how it would be very imposing to someone who was.

Does that make sense?

It's the angle that you shot it at that makes it so interesting; that large hand.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

#1 has my vote!! Great photo!!

I am glad you are throwing out the rules!!! I guess I am trying to be more gentle and kinder to myself and not as patient with others when they are stepping on me.

~ Diane Clancy

nelda said...

#1 - it's a beautiful piece of work and a beautiful photo. I don't know that I have ever noticed that statue anywhere and I thought I had been all over that cemetary.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

OK, given the subject think I can commence this pithy comment by saying "Jesus Christ" and for once I will get away with it without offending anyone.

My rule is to never alter an image in any way. I take pictures with an inexpensive digital camera and post them without any manipulation on my blog -

I deplore anyone who poaches images. When I poach I never give credit.

Do not make me chose between a God and His aura.

I do not pray where I eat. Ok sometimes I pray at Burger King for the meal to end. Does anyone over 24 like Burger King?

Fawzan Barrage said...

Interesting question Debi. I think there is a line between forms of art and when they are approached or crossed you don't get one or the other.
- Paintings that are too realistic copied from scans or slides. You might as well look at the slide!
- Photographs that are so over worked they become closer to graphic art than photography. etc...
On the other hand I don't believe that photography is simply the faithful documentation of nature. It is an art form and as such is open for the artistic touch of the eye and mind behind the view finder.

Rima said...

Hey, John, BK's fries are great! the rest... a couple of notches below le macdo which is a nightmare all by itself.

Back to the rule... i forgot to mention that as soon as I make a rule for myself, i'm compelled to break it. See how mature I am? But I do love Bobbie's rule, because it's more than a rule - it's a principle.

On the other hand, thinking along the lines of what you've written in this post, many, many well-known artists were not very well acquainted with the rules of ethics. Notice the past tense - I'm covering my considerable behind here.

Anonymous said...

The first is perfect and frame worthy....but the second really lives up to its (devil claw) name. I like both of them for different reasons..