Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Little Windows

"Little Windows" Odessa, Texas

I remember back in maybe 1971, my mom and her best friend Peggy participated in a radio contest in Roswell, New Mexico. I remember them piling up their kids, five of us, in the back seat of the Pontiac station wagon. And off we'd go scouting for the day. The prize was to be found at the location indicated by the clues. I recall it ultimately was a check taped to the underside of a canon on the courthouse lawn. Or perhaps not. I was a kid and don't remember the details, but distinctly remember catching their excitement and thinking they were the two most fun ladies on the planet. I'm sorry to report that they didn't win.

Remember that, Mom?

I also remember when I was first married, very young, a radio station here had a similar contest. The clues given were for a make of car (something celestial -- a Nova maybe?) and its location. If you submitted the correct license plate number to the car, it was yours! I sorely needed a decent car at the time. Again I'm sorry to report I didn't win.

What does this have to do with the picture above? Well, I've often thought it would be fun to put together a local road rally contest based on pictures like the one above. Not only would contestants have to figure out what each landmark is, but since it is now 2008, they would have to get the gps locations. The winner would be the one who submitted the sum, or the closest sum, of the gps locations. Or something like that.

And since most of you don't live in Odessa, I guess I'll give away the answer to my imaginary contest. It's this place.

There you have it. Just some little meandering, fun thoughts that cross my mind with my morning coffee.


John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Hot dog, no make that popcorn...lovely image - hard to do too to get it square. Like the wire shaddows too.

I am back to work...thanks.

nelda said...

That's a very unique photo, Deb, as most of the photos you post are. You have that photographer's eye for seeing the possibilities with just about anything!

Bev said...

This is like some sort of optical illusion, because the squares are so giant they make the windows tiny in comparison. They don't seem so tiny in real life, even seen in the context of such a large building. The brain is tricking you into something, what, I don't know, and I can't even begin to think about it....

Bev said...

I think you are not used to seeing windows in the connext of massive squares so your brain is telling you that they have to be tiny windows. Enough of this nonsense, I'm off to do the washing up...

Bobbie said...

I do remember that fun time. We came within 5 minutes of finding the prize which was a key for the "The Iron Mask" and would unlock $1200. Coincidently one of my old school boyfriends found it. It was stuck to the underside of an anchor on the courthouse lawn. At one point we deciphered the clues by drawing a boat on the map of Roswell. Ah..those were the days when our needs were simple and our fun was too.

I liked playing this imaginary game and never imagined that these windows came from the old theater. They are seen through your eyes which always find the different.

Sweet Irene said...

A fun story and an intriguing photograph. I had no idea what it was. It is a very lonely looking theater in a very lonely looking street. Is it also a lonely looking town? In a big lonely looking part of the state? I imagine such places to exist, but maybe it was just a quiet day.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

What a wonderful photo!! This is very unique - I was wondering and wondering!!

~ Diane Clancy