Monday, February 11, 2008

Little Wonders

Our plans for Saturday didn't go as planned. Unfortunately the gentleman we were to interview fell ill. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to interview him when he is once again able.

So Donna and I were unexpectedly free to follow our noses and do a little exploring of Gaines County.

Beyond the vast horizons, the quiet untold stories of abandoned houses, the variety of flora and fauna, one of the things (of many) that I enjoy on these outings are the small wonders. Wonders that make me wonder.

Like the tree stump above. It's not the stump of one tree, but of two, grown right next to one another. I don't know what it might have looked like growing together like that, or if it they were purposely planted together, but its stump was a beauty to me.

Or like the tracks in the sand. Donna is quite good at identifying tracks, but the creature that left this lop-sided diminutive track was a mystery to both of us.

Or like this '29 nail found in a railroad tie; that's 1929, y'all. I had heard of these before and was delighted to see a lot of them for myself along the tracks in Seagraves. (I even found one loose -- a 1939 one -- lying beside the tracks. Of course you know that one is now at home with me!) According to this expert, Jeff Oaks, "date nails were driven into railroad ties, bridge timbers, utility poles, mine props, and other wooden structures for record keeping purposes." And of course there are people out there that collect them.

At least once during any given outing, Donna will say, "We are so easily entertained." It's nice to have a like-minded friend, to wonder at little wonders with me, even if she covets my '39 nail.


nelda said...
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nelda said...

Well, I had to delete my first comment because I had misread part of your post! I'm sorry your interview didn't work out, but hopefully the gentleman will be feeling good soon and you will be able to reschedule.

Your photos are great; the amazing thing about you and Donna is that you see the tiniest little detail and are able to capture it in your photos to share with mere mortals such as me. You are a true artist - in more areas than one. Love you.

Bev said...

I am trying to imagine what sort of creature could leave a track like this one, but can't imagine one, or they all seem highly unlikely. A complete mystery as far as I am concerned.

Love the nail with the date. I like things like this, that it was put in so many years ago, and has survived so long. I often look the bricks and mortar on ancient buildings and imagine them building it many hundreds of years ago, some medieval builders, and find it hard to believe it's still there. A monument to craftsmen and builders.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Are you allowed to pry out those nails? I know the answer....

You are using blog formatting that does not allow us to enlarge the pics - poachers beware....cannot click and pick. Also cannot see details and pics look different when enlarged, no?

Lovely postage stamps.....see how bitter I can be. I do like stamps though, so it is a compliment.

Glad you came by. I have spys out everywhere.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

I think it is a blessing to be easily amused!!! Perhaps I am just biased because I am too.

Beautiful! I especially like the nail.

~ Diane Clancy

Bobbie said...

But the trees still stayed independent as the line down the middle testifies. Amazing. I love these little tracks and find them on my land in the sandy areas. Wonder upon wonder. These old nails are nice to find aren't they?

Sweet Irene said...

Wonderful up close pictures of details of things in nature. I very much like the double trunked tree stump. I had never heard about the dated spikes and I can't image a lopsided bug crawling over the sand.

Your camera does such a good job at taking photographs like this and it is still my secret wish to have one like it.

Since you have such an eye for detail, I think you should always concentrate on photographs like this. The minutiae of life which you spot so easily.

You do realize that I am green with envy, don't you?

Neda said...

My favorite is the tree two lovers growing old together...

Rima said...

siamese twin trees.
an ant riding a scooter.
a screw loose.
i'd say you and Donna had a pretty good day.

Bobbie said...

You have been tagged for the Book Meme. See my blog for details :)

Fawzan Barrage said...

Hey Debi,

Those tracks are of two creatures walking (and sliding) hand in hand.

chosha said...

I think your photos are helping me re-learn how to appreciate simple things, textures, colours, perspective. I like it.