Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The moments we were more

"More Moments"

Treat yourself to a listen to my son-in-law David's new song, "Yes yes" from his Cloud Factory EP.

face it i'm not coming home
no i could never be your man
but for the moments we were more
than anyone would know
and i always said i was just busy
you thought that pretty lame i'm sure
still wear the watch you gave to me
with hand made box and bow

and it was always yes. yes. to everything
but we're moving much too fast
and i couldn't hide the shame i felt
in what little light we had to lay by
but i'll never hurt you a third time
no i'm never gonna love you evaline
because you're never gonna love me all the time...


Bobbie said...

Very nice song yesyes! David has such a soothing and pleasant singing voice. I really like his latest :)

Are these okra pods? I love the way they twine together. Very nice photo.

Bev said...

The songs I heard were great and accomplished; I thought a bit like Simon and Garfunkel meets accoustic Beatle ballad, but with a funky, modern indie twist.

This song sounds like a shooting comet of a love affair, powerful but fleeting.

(P.S. Also an undercurrent of egrets. I notice he has a song called 'Weird Bird' and 'Stork'. Funnily enough your picture today also looks like an egret. But that's the last I'm going to say on the subject because it's getting out of hand.)

John said...

I liked the songs a lot - Mariana (song ios Marianna ) s my daughter's name and someday she will be a heart breaker I am sure.

Very talneted and looks like he has a great support group.

I am worried - Jesus left me a comment.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

These words are incredible!! And the photo is awesome!!

~ Diane Clancy