Saturday, February 23, 2008

My faded two lips

My faded two lips

Compared to the daisies and the lilies, the tulips seemed to be a rush. They didn't wait. Instead they bloomed with wild abandon and too quickly for me to get a worthy portrait of them. There's a moral to this story somewhere.


Hannah's Mom said...

Amazing!! Just amazing beautiful!! I love your photos... They bring a bit of calmness to me, so simple, yet so elegant. I am gushing, you are amazing Debi. THank you for sharing with us!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Debi,

I agree - your photography is beautiful!!

The moral ... grab opportunity while you can ...

~ Diane Clancy

John said...

The lighting on the draped sheet is beautiful. Good sheet, Debi.



Bev said...

I like the way you obviously haven't taken too much care over the background!

Tulips don't last very long, and seem to be like crocuses in that respect. We have carpets of them here now and I always make sure I have a look at them at their best. Because they are so ephemeral it make them more special somehow.

This is a sort of postmodern ironic anti-flower arrangement composition. You may start a whole new movement in flower arranging amongst pretentious intellectuals lol

Rima said...

life's too short?

-K- said...

It's like a painting.

And thank you for your advice about my loony neighbors.

Bobbie said...

This photo is astoundingly beautiful. The folds in the material are so beautiful, and even though the tulip is past it's prime it has a graceful message. I am impressed with your work, dear Daughter.

Maybe the moral is take time to enjoy while the moment is there?

D.C. Confidential said...

Fabulous! Most of us would just throw out a vase of dead flowers, but you have managed once again to make art. Well done!