Saturday, June 21, 2008

Three Chairs

"Three Chairs"
Seminole, Texas

Today was another photo safari day with Donna. Now we are a threesome, though, with my brother Casey fitting right in with us. Today was his first day to take photos with us too. Don't be surprised if you see a new link in my blog list. ;)

Great day.


Bev said...

They have obviously been put side by side for a reason and speak of fellowship and companionship in perhaps austere conditions.

Frances said...

Yep, remaining a symbol of friendship - like the colours in that image. Looking forward to seeing what your brother comes up with, too. Should be interesting. So glad you are blogging again, honey.

Bobbie said...

These chairs look lonely without their people but one can imagine some great friends sitting here discussing world events or the latest Paris fashions. Nice picture Debi, and I am glad too that you are blogging again.

Nora said...

Chairs like that always need companionship and should never sit by themselves.I'm glad they have company and had their picture taken for immortality. It gives them the status they deserve.

John said...

The diagnal shaddow is eye candy.

Good eye, aye aye.

Rust sometimes sleeps.