Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little Visitors

Jade & Julie, sisters (Mike's granddaughters)
September 2, 2008

We were so blessed for Audrey's wedding. My mom was here. Both of my brothers were here. All of our daughters were here. And all their kids were here -- I have two grandkids, Casey has one (you've met her below), and Mike has three.

It was a house full!

I don't know why we didn't take a big ol' group picture of everyone. Just too much going on to think of it, I guess. But maybe this won't be the last time, although it's been the first time.


Frances said...

Aw - those family times are the best. And yes, try to take family pictures of the whole clan whenever you can. Future generations will be just as interested as we are in all those vintage pictures. But will they be able to access our digital memories?
Glad to see you have had such a lovely time and everything went so smoothly with the wedding. hugs

Bobbie said...

These girls look a healthy as can be and their skin is just lovely. They wouldn't have a problem catching a horney toad for DNA studies, or much else for that matter. lol!