Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fall Arrived Early

A sampling of fall in Upstate New York
Scanned leaves

My daughter Audrey sweetly gathered, pressed, and shipped a box full of Autumn leaves to me. I paced myself, going through them, one by one. The whole box smelled like the first day of school, Halloween costumes, and frosty mornings.

I love West Texas, but I miss a nippy, leafy fall.

Thank you, Audrey. MWAH!


Godinla said...

I can smell it too. Thanks for the scent memory.

Bobbie said...

What a beautiful gift! I know how you love fall. Audrey is a sweet girl after her mama's heart :)

nelda said...

Your picture is great and what a sweet thing for your daughter to do. She evidently knows her mom so well. We've had what resembles fall more this year than any I can remember. Perhaps our leaves will soon be turning colors and we will get to enjoy them for a short while. At least, we can hope! What lovely weather we have been blessed with this past few weeks!

John said...

Lovely - I am sampling....ok?

Irene said...

Daughter Audrey is a good kid, so thoughtful.