Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"Kiss me," said the yellow flower.

West Odessa, Texas

"Kiss me," said the yellow flower, as she tossed her long golden petals behind her and laughed. "I'll be going soon." I pondered why she would say goodbye so happily. I kissed her, and kissed her hard.


Frances said...

happy and sad.
Lovely shades of golden light. It is a chilly wet day here, and our hours are shortening, so all the plants that are fooled into thinking it's Spring will soon know different.
Then we have to compensate with warm fabrics and lots of use of fuel... Autumn beauty is on its way. Yippee!

Bobbie said...

Mwah! giggle, giggle.

John said...

A most lovely photo and sentiment....imppresive.

Bev said...

The sunflower is closing as autumn arrives.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

True love lasts forever ofcourse:) great pic!