Thursday, October 16, 2008

October's Gifts

Wild grass (species unidentified)
West Odessa, Texas

Isn't October wonderful? The light, with the sun edging further south, plays perfectly into the vanity of Texas grasses, who want nothing more than to show off their beautiful hair. I confess, I'm an ardent admirer.


Bobbie said...

A beautiful picture of this lovely grass, whatever it is. I too enjoy the grasses this time of year, so many different ones and all different. If I gather them and bring them inside they loose their beauty and seem rather scraggly. No, it is better they stay in the sun where their beauty can be seen.

Bev said...

Their hair is very light and fluffy, set off by the light.

They also remind me of mini chimney sweep brushes :)

-K- said...

No matter where I live, this is my favorite time of year and the October light one of the big reasons why.

That's a very delicate shot, very nice.

Anonymous said...

I like the fifth of july at a nude beach near an all woman's liberal arts college.

good pic though.