Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two Things Challenge for 2008-10-19 (late)

"Cleo in the Window"
At home in West Odessa, Texas

A belated entry for the Two Thing Challenge for this week's "black / white." The above picture, in spite of how it may seem, was not taken in black and white.

This picture, though, is a color picture of black-and-white Cleo, eyes closed, still experiencing an a open-window morning reverie, as only a cat can do.

Join in the fun for the weekly Two Thing Challenge. Next week is "big / little. " You may interpret with a photo, a poem, a drawing, a collage, or any creative way you wish. Publish to your blog by next Sunday.


Bev said...

I have run out of superlatives now.

Your cat Cleo looks a lovely cat, and this is a lovely image for people. However, if I were a mouse in the bedroom and saw this shadow I would be scared witless. Nosfarato for mice :)

D.C. Confidential said...

Like Bev, I'm out of words big enough to describe how totally awesome this photo is!

I try not to have favorites from each week's interpretations, but if I did, this one would be right near the very tippy top. Really wonderful, Debi!

Bobbie said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo. Perfection!

John said...

Yes, this is high art, Debi. The pixie dust is the graceful vine.

Godinla said...

My cat just looked out the window and saw another cat in our yard. He started making that moaning "I hate you other cat" sound deep in his throat.

Sometimes I forget that he's an animal. He just reminded me.

Love the photo.

Irene said...

I very much like the shadow picture and think it was done beautifully. You are a very inspirational photographer. Keep up this good work, I may join you soon.

-K- said...

That is the most striking photo I've seen in I-don't-know-when.