Monday, November 03, 2008

Ghost Town of Upland, Texas


Bobbie said...

Now where on earth would Upland, Tx be? Somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, I'd guess. Looks like it takes a sharp eye or better two to find it. he he.
Tell us more!

nelda said...

Upland, Texas! Is Stiles your next stop? It probably isn't very far from Upland. There is a shell of the first courthouse there as it was the first county seat of Reagan County.

D.C. Confidential said...

Is that a picture of you and your brother? It's absolutely stunning!

Beautiful photos all around.

John said...

Re.flection is yum yum.

Loose change I can beleive in.

Aperture first.

Frances said...

lovely pictures. I second Bobbie's request. More information about Upland, please.
Why no self-portraits? Put that delay on and get a picture of yourself with your talented friend and intrepid brother! haha

Bev said...

Wow! Love this dramatic collection of photos - tells a real story. Like the shot of the car leaving at the end of the ghostly adventure.

Influenced by The Blair Witch perhaps? (the eyes, the map, the spooky house LOL)