Monday, November 10, 2008

Saving Autumn 2008

"Saving Autumn 2008"
Studio triptych (click for larger view)
West Odessa, Texas

Sometimes all the stars align and your vision is manifested. This was one of those times.


Frances said...

cooooool pictures

Bobbie said...

This is wonderful. A perfect moment and manifest destiny :)

Anonymous said...

How satisfying that must be! I am happy for you.

Godinla said...

Hey wonderful, beautiful Debi. I tried emailing you earlier but I couldn't reach you with the address that you gave me. What's up in your neck of the woods? I love the ideas that you gave me for possible employment. I should try to do them all at once.

So, you have another idea, huh? Does it involve driving to West Odessa? The salary would have to be huge for me to commute that far. Maybe I could come there and work real hard for a couple of weeks, but I'd probably get homesick. I'm ready to hear your idea though. Shoot!

You can e-me at or

Looking forward to hearing from you.

godtakeus said...

Don't know if you have Yahoo Messenger but I tried adding you to my chat list with the name that I assumed you might use. If not, whatever.

D.C. Confidential said...


Kris Cahill said...

Simply fantastically beautiful. I know what you mean about the stars being aligned. These are magical. Nice work, Debi!

Overboard said...