Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

Starbright Village
Odessa, Texas

My brother Casey had to work today, ironically making delivery of a "christmas tree," a kind of valve that goes on an oil well after it's been drilled but before the pump jack goes on it. The site was out in the boondocks, a three hour drive away. I went along to keep him company. We were the only two humans out there, although we saw lots of deer. None were reindeer, I'm afraid.

It was dark when we traveled back. Every year, off Interstate 20 in one of the parks, the city has a display of amazing Christmas lights called "Starbright Village." We stopped and walked through it, like a couple of kids oohing and ahhing at all the displays. And of course taking pictures.

Starbright Village has a small road for vehicles too. Cars driving very slowly were filled to capacity with Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and lots of young ones that could be heard singing Christmas songs or shouting "Look!" From the highway, we heard Christmas travelers passing by, honking all the way.

Not a bad way to end Christmas 2008. Not bad at all.


The Artful Eye said...

Very cool! Colored lights look like magical stars raining from the sky.

Frances said...

Wow! Christmas lights, just so heart-warming. Hope you had a happy day all round.
Love and hugs

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

it's good to be awed like a kid again. To see something so cool, that it makes you forget your age.

I hope you had a good Christmas, Debi.

jomamma said...

No picture of the Christmas Tree your brother delivered? I used to work for a company out there that pressure tested them once they were installed. Be glad all you had to do was deliver it.... It takes days to test them. Very dangerous too.

I remember a individual who lived on the east side of town who would decorate his huge yard like a walk through park with lights... it was out near the cemetery on Hwy 80.

Odessa has changed so much... I'm glad you post pictures of it.

Bobbie said...

Aw...I wish I could see it too. It looks like a child's (and adult's) dream come true.

John said...

Great to enjoy the most special holiday with family...nice shot.

Me best, always....