Friday, December 05, 2008

Not Winter Just Yet

"Not Winter Just yet"
Lubbock, Texas

In spite of all the bad economic news, I have decided to think abundantly and to buy small pieces of art as I can afford it. Just this week I purchased my first piece. It is one of the petite paintings, aptly named "A Fearless Day," by fellow blogger (and positive thinker) Kris Cahill.

Here is something Kris recently wrote. I hope it inspires you as it did me,
"As this amazing year of Big Change has ticked on, I've seen many people finding their way back to the core of what is most important to them. Though many of us have been greatly challenged this year, the opportunity to find what makes each of us truly happy is always here. We are living in a wonderful time, where we all have a part to play in the ongoing story that is unfolding."
She is hosting an open studio this Sunday in Los Angeles, California. If you live in the area, I urge you to go, meet Kris, and to see her fabulous abstracts first hand.



Bobbie said...

I LOVE this photograph and strangely Kris' painting that you purchased has a connection to your photo. I can't define it, but perhaps the colors and the mood?? I enjoyed seeing Kris' work too.

Godinla said...

I'm hoping to make it to Kris' this Sunday. If I make it, I'll send you some pix.

Frances said...

both lovely artworks

Joy Logan said...

Reminds me of the story a tree grows in Brooklyn!

John said...

A foto of nothing and sublimely so.

Kris is so talented.

It is winter here. Maybe not the shortest day, but the coldest.

Anonymous said...

I see hope and resilience in this photo...not sure my spelling matches my vision though. Great pic!

Milkyway Kid said...

Very aptly put - we are all returning to the core of brought us where we are today. It is more than just materials that make us care and think deeper.
I also saw your 'Little Otik' and it was quite spooky! Indeed like a live little Otik!
I have also made a little review about the movie (as I have just watched it recently). Wonder if you agree with my views?

Virginia said...

I am taking in a big breath because your photos and your wonderful text has taken my first one away. DC Conf. sent me your way. Bless her! Lovely, lovely sight and food for my soul as well.

John said...

12.21.08 win.ter past.yet