Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Coolest Thing Ever

Ran Gogh Gallery aka The Art Colony
42nd & Dixie
Odessa, Texas

New to Odessa is a funky art gallery! It was opened this month by Randall Horn who goes by the artist name of Ran Gogh. He was born and raised in Odessa, but you might have heard about him after he moved to Van Horn, Texas where he lived for some time and specialized in Van Gogh renditions. He was featured in the book The Face of Texas, the photography of Michael O'Brien. And he had been featured in the television show The Texas Country Reporter back in 2006.

He has now moved back to Odessa, where he works by day as a corrections officer. And with him, he moved his gallery back home. Out of love for art and himself experiencing the difficulty in getting his painting displayed in traditional galleries, he has opened his gallery to other artists. For free. He only collects the sales tax. Now that's a serious opportunity there for all the artists in the community.

Currently, he has about seven other artists on display, including Melody Hernandez, who's abstract you can see on the left. On the right is Mario Marquez's black and red "Che" cut out and painted on corrugated cardboard. Ran Horn has room for about 40 more artists, including photographers.

These last two paintings are by Horn himself. On the left are examples of his Van Gogh renditions, and on the right is an original tribute to Georgia O'Keefe. I think it's lovely how he has both her young and old self together, standing through the years in front of her Ghost Ranch mountains. I'd love to own and enjoy that one. Hm, who knows? Wonder if he has layaway.

You can contact or learn more about Ran by going to his website, It's not yet updated with the new Odessa location information, but there you can see more of his paintings and Ran himself.


Bobbie said...

This old building has sure seen some different uses. When I lived there some 23 years ago it was a music shop. This should be a fun place to browse. I love the O'Keeffe painting, who would have thought of showing the 2 ages of her?

p.s. The link doesn't work, should be van not ran I think.

jomamma said...

Bobbie, I was just trying to think of all the different businesses that have been in that building. I remember the music store, and seems there was a carpet store, and a grocery store when I was a kid... I think a Piggly Wiggly.

Debi, I hope you put some of your photos in there...

The Artful Eye said...

What a cool guy! I love what he's done. I think I remember reading something about him a while back.

I really dig funky places like this.
Randall Horn is pure genius and kind.

He's got a great web site too!

Bobbie's right the link needs to be changed by one letter.

Bev said...

This looks wonderful, and I know you are no mean artist youself.

I hope you enjoy yourself!!

jomamma said...

I love his southwest collection in the website. Wouldn't you know the one of Odessa has a sandstorm in the background.

lisasarsfield said...

Oh fantastic! I'd love to visit here!