Friday, January 02, 2009

A new favorite place

"Shadow Walk"
Off Loop 338
Odessa, Texas

I hope everyone is enjoying the first of the new year as much as I am.

Recently my brother showed Donna and me a secret, special place close to home. We've been watching the leaves turn bright yellow, then fall in a carpet. We've been following the wildlife that lives there -- purple finches, mourning doves, owls, an American Kestrel, and a shy porcupine who loves to eat bark and who lives high in those trees. Today we saw half a dozen butterflies of different kinds. In January.


jomamma said...

Awesome... a porcupine? We never saw porcupines when I was a kid there... glad to know they are coming back into the area.

D.C. Confidential said...

Lovely. I especially like the subtlety of the light and the bold softness of the shadows. This looks like a place I would have loved as a kid. I'd probably take a book and laze around in there all day, reading and dreaming and gazing at the sky through the breaks in the branches. I wonder why I don't do that now...

Bobbie said...

I love seeing trees bow down as they do in your photo. Beautiful, Debi!