Sunday, January 04, 2009

Porcupine Watching

"Porcupine Watching: 1 Find a spot. 2. Take a seat. 3. Look way up."
(click on any image to see larger)
Off Loop 338
Odessa, Texas

Porcupine watching is hard work.Especially when the porcupine is sitting quietly watching you as you are sitting quietly watching him.

Thanks to 18X zoom, here's a look at the elusive creature. (I am now sounding like a Geico tv commercial.)

I'm guessing his teeth are made orange by all the bark he eats. His scat is also orange. How do we know? We looked down on the ground where he had been dining, obviously for a while.

Doesn't he have a cute hairdo? Cute at a distance, anyway.


Gaby said...

Very nice black and whites, Debi. Very impressive! Hope 2009 will be your best year yet. Don't look back - your best, and the best, is ahead of you :)

Godinla said...

Sweet. Never seen one. Don't really have 'em here. Plenty of skunks around my house for some reason.

Frances said...

what a sweet picture - makes him look almost cute and cuddly. Well done for finding him and the picure is great.
I wonder why black and white pictures are so classy and elegant?

jomamma said...

I had no idea they could climb a tree! Wouldn't that be bad if one fell on you as you were walking through the woods.... I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

We just have skunks and opossums around our house... used to have coyotes but they've run them all out of town. I miss them.

John said...

I will never sing scat again.

B and W are elegant.

Bobbie said...

That telephoto lens really brings things up good and close doesn't it? Love this little guy with the orange teeth and the thought of the porcupine watchers/watched amuses me.