Saturday, January 31, 2009

Typical West Texas View

Beal Park
Midland, TX

Okay, it's not really an entirely typical west Texas view.

I've been seeing this pagoda from Midland's Loop 250 for several years now and only just recently took time to view it up close.

So what's a Pagoda doing in Midland Texas? According to this KWES news story it was donated in 2001 by Midland's sister city in China, Dongying another oil and gas town, sending artists to build it in its present location. Originally Midland had hoped to create an international park, but funding has prevented that vision. Lack of funding has also allowed for this gift to languish in disrepair and vandalism.

The city has estimates its repair and move to a more protected location to cost $70,000. They are looking for donations to fund the project.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Maybe everybody could toss in a few dollars and make it happen. It's a shame to have it ruined and embarrassing too. What will the good people of the sister city think when they find out?

Good picture, Debi. Good atmosphere.

jomamma said...

I agree, why don't they charge everyone 50 cents on their water bill to cover the cost. If people had to pay for it maybe they would take care of it. That angers me when vandals do what they do.

Bev said...
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Bev said...

I wasn't expecting this when I scrolled down:)

It does look quite impressive though, or maybe that's just the way you've photographed it. Maybe it's quite small in real life.

Nice idea these twin townships.

John said...

The colors of the bulding and the sky are beautiful - great timing or fore thought. Subtly magestic.

Nice words ya left best.

I just ssaw Grand Torino, what a great performance by Clint - it has a south easter Asian bend = so that is why I free associated here...

Bobbie said...

I'm putting this pagoda on my list of must sees. What a beautiful little jewel.

lisasarsfield said...

Might be tricky in this ecconomic climate to find that sorta money!

Nice structure to photograph, its got interesting lines.