Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo Essay: Darrel's Barber Shop

Darrel's Barber Shop
Main Street
Seminole, Texas (population 5,910)

Donna and I went to Seminole yesterday to pick up her repaired vehicle that had left her stranded earlier in the week. I'm glad I followed Photographer Rule # 1: Take your camera with you every where you go.


Bev said...

Very much enjoyed seeing this Olde Worlde (but I bet you don't say that) barber's shop. Looks like something out of the Old Wild West, and still has an oil burning stove.

Glad you remembered the first rule of photography.

D.C. Confidential said...

I like all of these, but I especially like the very first one and the shadow cast by the chair on the porch against the wall. That shadow was riveting.

Bobbie said...

I enjoyed looking around Darrell's Barber Shop. Love the old picture with the barber/deer heads. he he. It was kinda like snooping around in someones attic.

Frances said...

did you ring bell?
I enjoyed the visit. Doesn't look as if Darrel was doing too much business that day