Monday, February 16, 2009

Ruled by Head or Heart?

"Ruled by Head or Heart?"
February 2009
Digital collage: Photoshop 5.5, my photo, 18th century medical diagrams

My own answer is much too clear.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Yes Debi, but I try to let my head rule me, because I don't trust my heart. It gets me into trouble. I better follow my logic instead of my emotions. Emotions can be tricky things. I say no to them.

-K- said...

This is just so good!

Frances said...

Is the heart in the mind?
I just visited John, so am in a philosophical frame of heart

The Artful Eye said...

Does this mean your heart-headed?

Bobbie said...

Your point is well taken, the head and heart are the same aren't they? We can't always be sensible and logical as we should be. We do respond to our heart and our liver...he he. I really like this digital art piece.

Godinla said...

Well done, my dear. I'm into the horizontals now. You'll get it later.

John said...

Where's the testos.terone beef?

Great stuff.

Laura Lynn said...

Hey I found you!!!!
My goodness this is beautiful art!
I tried to find you on Facebook but you are one of the 75 million who have not joined this month...
this is your old Lex pen pal Laura Chorba :)
How goes it my dear?
I love your blog!