Friday, March 06, 2009

Shhh, Spring is coming

Fruitless mulberry in bud in my yard
West Odessa, TX

Our average last Spring frost date is March 31. Shhh, don't tell Old Man Frost. He's been sleeping on the job this winter -- we've had only very short spells of cold weather. This week we've already reached 90 (F). And it's not even spring yet. Or summer -- which is going to be a long hot one, I'm athinkin'.

Here's a tidbit about this humble tree in my yard. The force with which the white mulberry catkins expel its pollen is more than half the speed of sound, "making it the fastest known movement in the plant kingdom." Achoo!


Bobbie said...

An amazing factoid! Look out when you walk by. he he.

under the courtyard stood
the lonely cottonwood
bare branches chattering
against the wind

except one small twig
nestled beneath the eaves
bringing forth the
first yellow-green leaves
of spring

Andi said...

You're making me long for spring. Our last frost date is around the third week of May.

jomamma said...

I remember one West Texas spring when we had 8 inches of snow on Easter weekend... it was April. One of the ways we were certain that there wouldn't be anymore frost was if the mesquite trees started greening up.

Godinla said...

Amazingly clear.

Joy Logan said...

I actually have crocus coming up finally! Today was a early blissful spring day,the world was out!

Donna said...


Your musings alongside the photos are achingly good.

At another home, I had a mulberry tree. I never appreciated it. Thank you.

The Artful Eye said...

Whatever happened to Winter? I'm still longing for some rain and cooler days.

Lovely soft focus snap of pre-mulberry blossoms. My paper whites have already bloomed.

Where is that ground hog when you need him?

Maya said...

Today is my first time visiting your blog. Your shots are stunning!