Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back from Vacation

Magazine Collage, Debi Cates 2008

I can't believe here it is April 19th and this is the first blog post of the month. What happened to April? To March even. I'm not entirely sure.

The latest and best news is that my brother and I have just returned from spending a week's vacation in East Texas with Mom. All along the 500 mile drive, the famous Texas bluebonnets were blooming.

Mom's place has all kinds of blooms, too, including lots of different kinds of irises and roses, apple tree blossoms, violets, johnny jump ups, and wildflowers galore. She has made her place so very pretty, and visiting in April it was cool and rainy. I'm always amazed at the difference between West and East Texas. We are desert. She is piney woods. Yet we are both Texas.


jomamma said...

Which part of East Texas? Longview? or farther south? If you came through Dallas I'm going to be really hurt you didn't say something. We could have met for coffee.

jomamma said...

PS... I've missed you and your pictures.

Bobbie said...

You are very close, Jomamma. I live between Longview and Gilmer in the country. I enjoyed Debi and Casey's visit so much and didn't want them to leave. But...I am promised a return visit in the fall so I'll be looking forward to that.

This is one of my very favorite works of Debi's. It is so simple and clean lines.

The Gossamer Woman said...

It's good to have you back, Debi, and your pretty artwork.

jomamma said...

I have an Aunt and cousins in Longview and another Uncle and Aunt in Winnsboro. Love the trees out there. But I do miss the West Texas sunsets and openness of it.

Frances said...

Yay - love that collage and glad to have you back online.