Saturday, May 16, 2009

All-weather Sunflower

Sunflower (made from an old farm implement)
O'Donnell, Texas

In the cotton-belt, folks craft all sorts of things out of old farm implements and tools.

What inventive yard decorations are common in your neck of the woods (or plains, or seashore, or cityscape)?


Bobbie said...

Here in the East we love anything Texas, the rustier the better. Of course you realize that I have all these rusties in my yard. Garden gazing balls are popular, as are huge concrete baskets. The only gnomes I've seen were way back in the woods and they were sitting among a huge tree's roots.

The Gossamer Woman said...

Lacking front yards, people stack up open cement blocks and make garden containers out of them. These blocks come in different shapes and sizes and colors. Quite inventive actually.

Frances said...

Some people in london decorate their front gardens with old mattresses, defunct fridges and broken chairs. Does that count?

I think that sunflower is so beautiful - simple bright and cheerful - it truly is art.

Debi said...

Bobbie, the rustier I get, the more I like old rusty things, too! ha You'll have to take me to see the gnomes when I come to visit in the fall.

Gossamer, I like to hear that people even without a proper yard have figured out ways to plant growing green things. Good on them!

Frances, you make me laugh. Odd how Londoners and West Odessans could have so much artistic taste in common. I wonder, knowing that you have a lovely growing garden, what artistic oddities are in it? For some reason, I suspect a few.

Maya said...

Driving up the coast of OR and WA we saw a bunch of buoys used as yard art. Very interesting! I'm so sorry we didn't get to meet you. I hope you are feeling better!