Friday, May 29, 2009

The Good Night Fairy

The Good Night Fairy, Debi Cates May 2009
Digital collage with my photos (and two Web nabs

My granddaughter is enjoying Fairies right now. I distinctly remember when I first saw Peter Pan and couldn't get enough of playing fairies with my friends, too.

For this collage, I used a photo I took of Kit, my flower pictures (once again) and even a bug photo for the wings. I'm thinking I'll frame it for her bedroom as a birthday gift. I had such fun doing it. I believed in fairies all over again.

Wonder who will enjoy this piece more? Kit or Grannie Bay?


jomamma said...

That's so cute... and I love the name Kit...

Bobbie said...

I want to be a little girl again and let my grannie bay make a fairy for me too!

The Gossamer Woman said...

That's really sweet of you, Debi. What a kind Grandma you are.

Frances said...

wowie. You really understand us girlies in and out.
Kind lady.
Pretty pretty girl