Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Mexico #2

Grandma Cates
July 18, 2009, age 93,
Roswell, New Mexico

My beautiful grandmother is the mother of 5 children, grandmother to 14, great-grandmother to 22, and great-great grandmother to 9 (and a half) and counting.

My counts might be off. Grandma, though, can tell you each and every one. She has a better memory than I do!

Photo of a photo on the left: Cecil (my dad), Lois, Albert, Ruby, and Julian, circa 1950.


nelda said...

Beautiful smile and a sparkle in the eye! Great picture.

The Green Stone Woman said...

I hope I live to be that age and look that good and be that sound of mind.

The Artful Eye said...

She's a beautiful woman. I can see so much life in her smile. I sure hope I live a long memory filled life,rate I'm going though...sketchy.