Friday, July 24, 2009

Hematite Concretions

Hematite concretions
West Odessa, Texas

July is usually a dry month, but not this year. We've had lots of rain, and rain not only makes everything green and pretty, but also makes it a good time to go scouting for these little "rocks," hematite concretions. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some in other parts of the world are big enough for a person to stand on! I find these little roundish, ones regularly -- being round they like to roll into the ruts of oil field and utility roads. The first one I found last summer was so perfectly round I thought was some sort of buckshot.

Concretions can be found in many parts of the earth and these could be many million years old. In this batch, I especially like the one on the far left, still embedded in a piece of caliche. The larger ones on the right are split in half :( And the split one at the very top you can see is concave.

Interestingly, concretions like these were found on Mars, nicknamed "blueberries." They are part of the reason that it is believed that there once was water there, as concretions are formed by water and a bunch of other science stuff I don't quite understand.

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jomamma said...

I've got one of these somewhere around here... I think it was a find of my Dad's. Mine has an extra small "blueberry" attached to the Quarter size marble. So it looks like it has a nose or a button on it.

I just love the way you constantly remind me of my childhood. Thank you!

jomamma said...

Are these the same kind of hematite they make the 'magnetic' jewelery out of? Should we be carrying one of these in a pockets for medicinal purposes?

Maya said...

My mom could probably tell you more since she is an astrogeologist!

Kris Cahill said...

The things I learn from my West Texas blogger friends! You have more interesting stuff in that part of the country, it's fun to learn about it.