Saturday, August 15, 2009

43 Things

West Odessa July sky
West Odessa, Texas

(Ugh. I get discombobulated when I don't post to my blog daily. Nothing else to do but just jump back in.)

I signed up just yesterday at 43 Things. I tried to make mine a mixed list -- from the dead serious (quit smoking) to silly little things I really do want to do (use up all my boxes of jello). I added my list, it's ongoing, to the right.

Anybody else out there doing 43 Things?


Bobbie said...

Not yet, but I am going to just as soon as I make this post. Thanks for pointing it out. Love those "cottage cheese" clouds!

Anonymous said...

I love this photo. These clouds are awesome.

I've been at "43 Things", but forgot about it. I'm going back now!

Maya said...

It's a good idea! I'm not sure I could make that list right now. I feel I'm away from my life even though I'm living it!

John said...

holy shit sky, 43 list what?

John said...

I read you list - so many unique items - I liked in particular "Let go of my regrets."

My best -- John

Anonymous said...

I love the picture.

Not to sure what the 43 things is.
Updated my blog.
Just an FYI of whats to come.

Janet Kincaid said...

I've done it, but I'm only up to 35, I think.

I like your list.

Linda said...

Debs, I noticed you took "decide about alumni site" off your list. Have you decided?

Frances said...

my goodness. I think I would have to lie down in a darkened room if I did that list.
43 - argh!
If I think I have 2 goals that is enough to consider at one time. 43 would be mind-blowing. Thinking of 43 might remind me of 43 others. LOL
I'm too easily distracted, just as I was thinking about doing one another would jostle for attention and nothing would ever happen.