Monday, November 09, 2009

The Wallflowers No One Noticed

Two wallflowers no one noticed in summer: Chinaberry and Pomegranate trees
November 9, 2009
West Odessa, Texas

Ever meet someone at a high school reunion, someone beautiful and radiant, and remember they used to be rather plain? These two trees seem like that to me. Who gives much notice to an ol' chinaberry or an ordinary pomegranate tree in summer? Ah, but Fall, I see, is when they "bloom."

P.S. A smoking cessation update: Between now and my quit date (next week), I have disallowed myself smoking inside my house or vehicle. It is helping me retrain my habits before I give up the habit itself.


Bobbie said...

More buttah, mmmmm. I love the Chinaberry in fall. I don't recall ever seeing a pomegranate in fall, although I must have. Have you eaten your treasures yet?

The Green Stone Woman said...

Pretty trees, Debi. Good luck quitting smoking. If you do, will you still be my friend? I smoke like a chimney.

John M. Mora said...

Top one is debi perfect.